By June 1, 2015Sophia Foundation

During our last mission in Kenya, we visited as always the Nakuru remand- a place which has a special importance for us, as it is the prison where children from 5 up to 18 years old are kept until they are tried for their crime, or indefinitely if they are in simply because there is no where to go. A sad place only to lighten up by the laughter and cries of the children in the view the footballs and volleyballs, as well as the drawing materials and biscuits we take them.

Amongst them, Milka, a nine year old girl with her brother. the person in charge explains that Milka was brought in by the police with her brother because they were heavily abused by their psychologically disturbed father, their only parent. There was nobody who could take them, and no prospect of anyone taking them away from prison in the future. We decided to take them under our wing and now Milka her brother are totally thrilled to be at the Makarios children’s home in Nyeri, going to school and living happily in safety with the other 170 children of the home.